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A strategy for business growth with you
and your advisors in mind. We Care.

The world of advising is changing.
IncomeConductor® meets that challenge head-on.

We understand how the industry functions, the regulations you need to comply with, and what your competition is doing to attract your top producers. IncomeConductor truly sets your company apart, gives your advisors a new value proposition, and allows you to capture the exploding opportunity in the distribution marketplace.

IncomeConductor® is much more than technology.



We help advisors fully understand the business strategy, how to share it with clients and how to master the technology supporting it all.

A full suite of training and FINRA reviewed sales & marketing collateral are provided. Case consultation as well as  guidance on how the program can help their recruiting and transition efforts helps advisors retain and grow their practice.

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IncomeConductor was independently reviewed by Jason Roberts and Steve Sokolic of The Retirement Law Group.  Their report found that the program helps advisors achieve compliance in working with seniors during their retirement years.

Every major decision made by the client as their plan is created and executed requires a client sign-off.

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Supervisory logins can be provided to home office and compliance staff for oversight of all of your advisors’ plans.

Powerful reporting simplifies the monitoring of client plan statuses, investment selections and implementations, and what form of compensation the advisor is receiving. Pre-existing transactions can be recognized and noted as well.

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IncomeConductor provides a secure site for each of your advisors. Client reports and marketing materials can be branded with customized logos, disclosures and contact info.

We know how important strategic programs are to your firm and support firm-level initiatives that can tie IncomeConductor seamlessly into your company’s overall brand and advisor offerings.

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How IncomeConductor® benefits your firm:

  • Provides a time-tested retirement income strategy that both retains and
    recruits advisors
  • Gives your advisors the training and support they need to succeed
  • Allows for easy oversite and supervision of advisors
  • Open architecture product selection
  • Supports commission-to-fee based transition and consulting fees as additional revenue sources

Group Pricing available – for more information call 860.969.3672

For more information about the IncomeConductor program, download our Advisor Brochure.

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